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PowerGuru addresses both professionals and students in the field of power electronics. PowerGuru provides articles about power electronics covering a wide range of topics and difficulty levels . All articles published on PowerGuru are provided by power electronics experts and are categorized by the PowerGuru editorial staff in a way that should allow readers to easily find material suitable to their interests and level of experience. A search box is also included on the sight so readers may search for articles based on key words, independent of category assignment. The categorization scheme used on PowerGuru is as follows:

"Power Devices", "Power Design", "Power Electronics Basics"

These categories are our general categories for navigating technical articles on PowerGuru. Each of these categories contain subgategories of a narrower focus to help readers more easily explore particular topics of interest. As the PowerGuru archive continues to grow, the subcategories will be extended in order to accomodate the increase in material. Below are the general category descriptions:

  • "Power Devices" includes articles containing extensive information about power electronics devices and components. Articles appearing here are divided into subcategories which narrow the focus to a specific device or component.
  • "Power Design" includes articles describing various aspects of power electronics application and design. These articles are divided into the subcategories "Design Considerations", "Selection of Components", "Thermal Management", and "Protection Measures".
  • "Power Electronics Basics" includes introductory material on power electronics and the physics behind the application and design of power electronics systems and devices. This material is divided into the subcategories "Device Basics", "Design Basics", and "General Basics".

"Bodo's Power"

This category is an archive of Bodo'sPowerSystems magazine, a leading power electronics publication. This category contains all Bodo's Power articles, past and current, and is subcategorized by date and topic. Articles in this category are accessed from the category navigation bar.


Articles placed this category appear in the middle column of the PowerGuru homepage. This category is reserved for artlicles that the PowerGuru editorial team has chosen to give additional visibility and articles containg special announcements or items of particular interest.

"Industry News"

These articles provide market data and news related to power electronics companies. News related to a specific company may be found in one of the company subcategories or by using the search box.

Jobs on PowerGuru

Companies are welcome to place engineering employment ads on the PowerGuru website. In addition, PowerGuru editors collect postings and place links to vacancy announcements. For more information, please go to "Publish a Job" or contact the editorial desk at jobs@powerguru.org.

Advertising on PowerGuru

The PowerGuru website offers space for ads related to power electronics products. Detailed information about all of our promotion opportunities can be found in our media guide:

PowerGuru media guide

For further information, please contact the editorial desk at advertisement@powerguru.org.


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