Who writes the articles on PowerGuru? All articles are written either by experts such as engineers, professors, ... working in the power electronics sector or by PowerGuru editors.

How can I submit an article? Please contact the PowerGuru editor desk via email to contact@powerguru.org. Before submitting the article, please check if you meet the authors' guidelines.

Do I have to register before submitting a request or reading the complete article? No, only authors have to register and contact PowerGuru at contact@powerguru.org.

Am I allowed to change articles? Only authors are allowed to change their published articles. PowerGuru editors are allowed to make changes in coordination with authors.

What is the difference between the Q&A Area and  Dialog with Power Players? If you want to submit a question concerning power electronics to be answered by other visitors or the PowerGuru staff, please use the  Q&A Area. If you want to contact companies directly, please go to the Dialog with Power Players page.

Is it possible to submit vacancies to PowerGuru? Yes, you are welcome to do that. Please contact PowerGuru via email to jobs@powerguru.org.

Why was my article deleted? PowerGuru editors don't delete articles. Probably it has shifted into the archive. PowerGuru editors contact the author if an article doesn't meet the authors' guidelines.

How can I become a partner at PowerGuru? Please contact PowerGuru via email at contact@powerguru.org for further information.

 Is it possible to place an ad on the website? Yes, it is. Please contact PowerGuru via email to advertisement@powerguru.org for furher information.


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