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PowerGuru is a collaboration between several leading companies specializing in Power Electronics. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide an online platform where visitors can benefit from the knowledge and experience from a wide range of professionals active in this field.

PowerGuru’s main objectives are:

  • Deliver objective information ranging from general to expert level material regarding power electronics
  • Publish industry news and press releases to keep our readers up to date
  • Publish current power electronics (mostly engineering but also internships, etc.) job offers from around the world
  • Provide easy access to resources for Power Electronics engineers
  • Offer companies an advertising platform targeting Power Electronics professionals
  • Act as an online magazine for Bodo's Power Systems magazine

All partners enjoy the benefits of B2B social media without having to deal with any of the challenges normally involved in this new media area.

Since its launch, PowerGuru has found outstanding market resonance that has been a welcome surprise to all parties involved. The main reason for this success is that the project does not rely on one company acting alone and instead benefits from a collaborative effort that has stimulated much attention from the power electronics community.

Listed below are some of the benefits of becoming an official PowerGuru member. For additional details about PowerGuru membership and other promotion opportunities, please refer to our media guide:

PowerGuru media guide

PowerGuru partners enjoy quite a number of benefits which include:

  • Publishing an unlimited number of press releases
  • Customizable company category page with space available for product placements, RSS, videos, etc.
  • Publishing company-specific articles including articles that have been previously published in other power electronics magazines
  • Power electronics engineering jobs from partner companies are highlighted and published in PowerGuru’s monthly newsletter
  • All partner company logos appear site-wide on PowerGuru with a link to the company homepage
  • Support in promoting specific campaigns on the PowerGuru site and through the PowerGuru newsletter.

Our close cooperation with our partner companies helps to make PowerGuru the one stop for everything related to power electronics online.

For official PowerGuru membership, the required contribution is €9.900 (~$13,200) net/year.

All PowerGuru partners are expected to create a visible button for PowerGuru on their websites, and editorial contributions are strongly encouraged.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us:

Your PowerGuru Team


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