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Posted on 21 July 2020

Power Electronics & Semiconductor Manuals


Power electronics engineers should be equipped with up to date power electronics manuals


Below are recommendations for several power electronics manuals including purchasing or download information.


Infineon Reference book IGBT Modules as eBook and printed Book

Today, IGBT and power MOSFET modules are instrumental in power electronic systems and are increasingly gaining ground in new fields. This goes hand in hand with the ever increasing need for rectifier diodes and thyristors as cost-efficient means of connecting to the power supply grid.

The aim of this power electronics manual is to give the reader an understanding of the specific fundamentals of IGBT in conjunction with their application. This book will provide students of power electronics with valuable information about the main contemporary power semiconductors and the applications in which they are used, while development engineers targeting power electronic converters will find all the essentials of selecting, dimensioning and applying IGBT modules laid out clearly and comprehensively.

The arrival and consistent development of MOS-controlled power semiconductor components has helped the entire field of power electronics towards a breakthrough regarding high power density and system efficiency. It has also improved reliability and made economical technical solutions possible. The key technology, facilitating the wide power range of a few hundred watts to many megawatts, has been the IGBT.

You can register and view the electronic version free of charge here:


You can purchase a printed version of the book here for 35,51:

English Version (print)


SEMIKRON Application Manual ( 赛米控产品应用手册 ) as eBook and printed Book

Semikron application manualSEMIKRON's "Power Semiconductor Application Manual" provides electronics experts with detailed information on the selection and use of IGBT, MOSFET, diode and thyristor components.

The application manual contains detailed application-related information such as electrical configurations for key operating conditions, driver and protection elements for semiconductors, thermal dimensioning and cooling, hints on parallel and series connection, assembly guidelines for optimised power layouts with regard to parasitic elements, as well as notes to help users better understand datasheets and the requirements that arise from specific ambient conditions. Assembly and connection technologies which have a major impact on the properties of semiconductor modules and the limits in field applications are also described, as are reliability data, life cycle analyses and key test processes.

You can download the book here free of charge:

English Version

German Version

Chinese Version ( 赛米控产品应用手册 )

You can purchase a printed version on the SEMIKRON Online Shop:

English Version

German Version


Electronic Power Control

Electronic Power Control - Power Electronics ManualPower electronics plays an important role in daily life. The wide variety of electrical devices that we now take for granted – computers, mobile phones and portable multimedia – use power electronics, but its influence is hardly noticed. The textbook Electronic Power Control enables both students and professionals to study power electronics in depth.

With the link below you can have a look inside the book and discover what lies underneath the table of contents. The selected pages from both volumes will give an idea of how the variety of subjects are presented and dealt with. To visualize and clarify the theoretical basis, the author uses images, calculations and numeric examples, practical remarks, self assessment questions (with answers). As a result, Electronic Power Control is an excellent base for explaining the principles and applications of power electronics, with particular attention to new technologies.

For a sneak preview, click here



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    Is the Infineon book also available for download?

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      The Infineon book is not available for download, but their is now an e-Book version that can be accessed after a simple registration. This post has been updated with a link to the registration form.

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