Posted on 30 January 2020

Smart Grid Storage – Stacks Success Story


With the increase of renewable energy systems the g rid requirements regarding compensation of energy overload and energy lack situations rises. Different technologies for energy storage systems are used in the market like battery storage and flywheel solutions.

SEMIKRON already has a wide ready-to-use portfolio of different stacks for these kind of applications from 250kW up to 1,2 MW .

All designs are developed based on real customer requirements and meet the demands of energy storage systems.

Availability and scope of delivery are the enabler for a fast worldwide market entry with low risk.


  • Filtering concept for grid and battery side
  • Filter integration into the same cabinet
  • Approval for UL and EN Standards
  • Ambitious load profile: 4Q active energy control: g rid feed/ battery storage
  • Scalability from 100kWh to 2MWh @690V

Reference Project MW Battery Storage

1,2MW Grid to battery converter for energy storage. This project includes grid and DC water cooled filter design and integration. A cabinet integration was necessary. SEMISTACK RE was selected.

The particularity challenge for battery storage inverters, compared to conventional SEMISTACK RE applications, is the need for a DC/DC converter in order to charge and discharge the battery. The solution is to use the 3 phases of the converter as interleaved buck-boost, with phase shift, allowing DC filter optimization.

SEMISTACK RE is ideally sized for this project, with a 690Vac-1200Arms on grid side and 450Vdc-2700Adc on battery side. Both stack s are fully qualified standard products. Details for energy storage systems are available.

Why customer chose SEMISTACK RE for Battery Storage

  • Fast market entry with fully qualified stack setup
  • Worldwide production and test capability of full cabinet
  • Water cooled system
  • Scalable from 450kVA to 6MVA
  • Maximum safe operation with intelligent switching based on SKiiP4
  • CanOpen diagnosis for short down time
  • Integration for standard cabinets with 600mm depth

Additional possible features

  • Full cabinet approval by pilot customer for grid connection
  • Integrated water cooled filter concept for grid integration and battery

Presentation, documentation for SEMISTACK RE is available at:


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